Thursday, July 14, 2016

Zoey's summer

Hello there,

I've reworked, made some improvements on Zoey morphs + skins:
- I've changed the morph of her nave, a bit
- On the skin i've replaced Normal, Specular & Bump maps to give the effect you will see below, i'm pretty satisfy of the overall look.

Want some news of Zoey ? She's enjoying her holiday under the sun, beach & sea. She needed some rest after her latest exploration, this minotaur was too much for her. Then she will be ready for some more action. Here's some pics that she sends me of her, enjoy!

Wants more ? Just say it ;).


  1. Beautiful! La perfection! We want more.

  2. Stunning improvements and artworks. Hope we will see Zoey in a hot summer set 2016

  3. More More More !!!!