Friday, March 1, 2013

2 new in Kaylee 1 & a little set with Kaylee having some Fun time



  1. You should make a lovely lady with blonde hair and turquoise finger and toe nails. That would be amazing, and coupled with your love for ankle bracelets, she would look astonishing. But, it is just a thought...

    1. It's funny that you're thinking of that because i'm looking for a blonde girl style :).

    2. Well, that is funny. Maybe you could give this lady straight hair, with bangs partially covering one eye. Maybe pubic hair in the shape of a heart ;), or no pubic hair at all. How about smaller breasts, not the double d's so commonly associated with blondes. More like C's... with small nipples. And she could have a belly button ring.

      Well that is about all the ideas I have, hope I helped out somewhat. But whatever you do, I am sure it will look amazing. :)