Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just a quick post to say (again ^^) thanks so much for following me (reached the 20 000 pageviews),  your comments, your supports, etc. I hope you'll continue to be more & more to follow me. 
Do not hesitate to comments, be a member, etc.

If you have some questions feel free to ask, i'll try to reply as soon as i can.

I'm currently working with Kaylee, a new coming story with her. I'll post some very soon.

Be sure to check my friends link :).


  1. Many many congratulations to your 20 000 pageviews and I hope you wil get more and more each day. Your site is really excellent and your highest quality render sets are a highlight each day. Please work so on my friend.

    My best wishes for your and many success with your next Kaylee set. I'm very excited seeing my beauty again ... ;-)

    1. Thanks so much my friend :), i hope the same thing for you!