Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elfy's reborn

Hi folks,

Today decided to make some particular things with Elfy. Indeed i've noticed that a months ago & it began to annoyed me :), Elfy's legs was not very "beautiful". So i've slightly change her body morph & remove 2 tattoos. 
Any hard change but now i'm feeling better with her legs like that, there's some slight change on her whole body but nothing really noticeable :), hope you will like her new body!

By the way, after my 1st paying set release i have in mind to do a new one, i will open 2 polls:
The 1st one will focus on which girl you would prefer to see in this new set
The 2nd one will be on which format

Vote, comment, advice, etc is always appreciated :).

Have a nice week-end!


  1. Anonymous10/26/2013

    I admit I don't buy many sets, but a threesome with Spencer, Amy, and Mr. Big...that would be one worth buying. ;)

    1. That's an idea i keep this in mind, but currently i can't planned this kind of set my computer not enough powerful to handle 4 characters + scene :p.

  2. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Wait, this is Elfy? The same Elfy as here?
    I didn't recognize her at all. Different hair. Different hair style. No flowers. Plus, we don't see her elf ears here at all.

    Well, besides not recognizing as Efly, which is bad because I thought Elfy looked awesome... Judging the picture just by itself... Well. I don't like it. It gets a "meh" from me.

    If this is how Elfy is going to look now, I'm sad. :(

    1. Elfy still Elfy, if you've followed her ;) you should seen her human version.
      Nothing has changed on her face except her ears, same textures, body diffrent for sure but that's made her, sad you don't like :(.