Monday, January 27, 2014

Allie's lust

Hey there,

A long time that i haven't played with her especially for the skin & her bodyshape ! Hope you too ^^. A little serie with Allie, 3 shown now & 4 more to come, stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous1/27/2014

    what a beautiful girl pls make more solo or with Masturbation

  2. Anonymous1/27/2014

    she was shit before and still is. i love most of your other models, but this ones never interested me. just my opinion

  3. Anonymous1/28/2014

    I love her face and trim, small breasted figure, in spite of the body "art". I would have liked to have seen more renders, especially the foreplay and some face to face lovemaking.
    While I know some people get more pleasure from "doggie", it lacks the emotion of face to face due to lack of eye contact/expression. (Of course, that's just me.) I do think it is very important that the artist be pleased with the image.

  4. Anonymous1/29/2014

    I'm not a huge fan of tattooes, but I think this look works for this render. I also like that you are taking steps to make each girl different and not just in her face or hair. I personally like the direction you are taking in varying up the girls and look forward to more. Large or small breasts with variations in shape gives each girl a more personal touch.

  5. Anonymous1/29/2014

    the Tattoos ruined it.

  6. Anonymous7/15/2014

    There are people who are just unnecessarily rude. I like Allie and her whimsical tattoos. Kudos for taking that risk with her.