Monday, December 1, 2014

A week with ... Elfy

Been a long time that i haven't focus on a character for a week, here's my fantasy Elfy for the whole week. Some of the coming files will not be at their higher rez i will upload them at the end of the end for optimal quality.

Btw, i will not be able to handle in time my Christmas set, release a Christmas theme set when Christmas is over means nosense, so the set is canceled for this year, also i wasn't satisfied of the final look. I will upload what i've done (unfinished set do not expect something finish & i will not finish it) later in the month.


  1. Anonymous12/03/2014

    She's gorgeous as always, but way too skinny - she looks anorexic

  2. Anonymous12/03/2014

    What's the problem? You know, you can be skinny without being anorexic.. there are gifted people like that out there. She's gorgeous, so shut up and enjoy.

  3. lol, I agree. looks great, so enjoy.

  4. aww, I hate to hear that. I know how much it sucks to have something like that happen. hope all goes better in the future. you may also consider mothballing it, and just working on it when you can, for release next year. I am a perfectionist with my work as well, so I completely understand where you are coming from. hope all goes better in the future.

  5. Anonymous12/08/2014

    I must agree with the first anon. Her face is beautiful but she is extremely skinny. I mean, come on! Your models look like they live in a dungeon slowly starving to death. Don't get me wrong, your work is outstanding, I'm just sad about what the woman ideal became over these last few years.

  6. Anonymous12/16/2014

    Elves are supposed to be skinny, and the only complaint I can really make about the set is the fact that the dude she's fucking is an elf. Everyone knows elves don't fuck elves for fun. That's what humans are for!