Monday, December 8, 2014

Et Dieu créa la femme ...

Don't know the english name (if there is) of this french movie whith the famous beauty Brigitte Bardot. Why this title you'll ask ? 
Friday tonight i was looking for an Asian style girl (the one who will make me do tons & tons pictures with her, or not ^^). After some tweaking morph/textures i've found this beauty.
What she has more ? For the 1st time, i think, i have the most realistic head shape of my whole models.
I'm pretty satisfy of her, what do you think ?

Some words on some previous comments i've seen:
Stop busying me about the shape of my girls (!!!) especially on their wheight! Skinny, Anorexic, ... I DON'T CARE.
Still, my girls are not ANOREXIC, search on google how an anorexic girl looks you will see easily the difference ... In any case i promotes the anorexia! Thin shapes yes !!! 
That's my tastes, i just find a thin girl looks a lot better for "fashion", erotic, etc pictures.

For example of Elfy, NOTHING will be change currently, i could eventually make some change on few parts of her but her overall shape will stay like this!

I just notice that's amazing to see my most favorite girl (Elfy) is "thinnest" than Spencer, Evelyn or Lyari but if i refer to the last poll Spencer was the 2nd fav after Elfy, her shape is probably closer of common women.

Before i forget here's the high rez version of the latest Elfy's set

Btw, enjoy ^^.


  1. Wow, incredible work on her face! And those eyes, mmmmm, so pretty ! Great job!
    And as a French, I love the title of your post. Take care!

  2. Excellent artwork! And your girls are so damn beautiful! You can't please the everybody's taste... But sure you please mine!!! :D

  3. Anonymous12/10/2014

    The single largest aspect of art...any art from 3D to writing to painting to that it's subjective in nature. Any artist will have their admirers and their detractors which, unfortunately, stems from that very subjective aspect. Ignore those the hinder your inspiration and follow your own ambitions in your works. While I am one that prefers the Nalah character and used her for inspiration in my writing (I have a character whose appearance in the beginning is inspired by her) and grow somewhat tired of Elfy I also understand that you find less inspiration for Nalah and enjoy working with Elfy. Does that mean I think your work suffers? No. And continue coming to this blog to see what works you have worked on and completed. You enjoy what you make and that is evident in the works we see here. So continue with what inspires you and those of us that may prefer a different character will still return because in the end it's the quality of the work you create that drives us to return. Best of luck in your endeavors.


    1. I'm absolutely with you in this... Well said...

  4. Origin8512/10/2014

    I've personally always found your girls phenomenal. They have the allure of real models and are wonderfully proportioned, a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the stuff out there.

    That said, to each their own and as someone previously stated, you can't please everyone. But I wouldn't let that get you down. Just remember that for each person commenting, there were most likely a hundred that didn't and loved what you did.

    Chin up, you rock.

  5. Anonymous12/10/2014

    G2F is of weight mapped mesh, V4 is not.Hence it's a tell at one sheer glance of the difference between realistic or not. Anyway it's not so obvious speaking of the head morphs.

  6. Your work is fantastic. Don't pay too much attention to what others say. You, as the artist need to be happy with your work. If thinner forms are your preference then so be it! Its YOUR art. If it were a commission that would be different but for stuff you are doing for yourself...who cares what other people think.

    Thank you for posting a link to hi-res versions of the Elfy set. Any chance of you doing the same for some of your other sets like the ElfySciFi or Evelyn etc?

    I have been greatly enjoying your work and you are making me want to find the money to get the Octane Renderer. Soooooooooon

    Keep up the excellent work!

  7. The new Poser Figs from Smith Micro are weight mapped as well. Alyson2 is weight mapped and works phenomenally. I haven't tried messing with her face dials directly. The GNDA Anastasia and Shae morphs are excellent starting points as well.