Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey there!

Been a while that i haven't post anything, busy by works, life, game & a new elf girl.
I'm still working on her shape, need to find something "different" with her.
So here's the time to post some new things,
today, time to Lyari to have some fun.



  1. looking great. One suggestion is you may want to try a couple more piercings. with the tats she has, they might fit the look quite well. regardless, she is amazing, and is my favorite now, right behind Paris.

  2. Origin851/27/2015

    Very nice, been wanting to see more of Lyari for a while now, thanks!

  3. Anonymous1/30/2015

    This saddens me to admit this but she just dethroned Echo for the loveliest lady in your gallery. Lyari is flat beautiful and has a LOT of character and individuality. Colonel Overkill has a great idea on adding another piercing or two but.. she almost doesn't need it as well! :) I hope to see tons more of this gorgeous elf of the wild. ^^