Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Journal entry 02

Hey there,

Zoey ????? & the Skull of sapphire:
So! Due to technical issue i'm not able to use the tomb scene as main scene, seems my hardware is not able to render the scene + 2 characters at a time or it's very very slow render. As i don't know how Iray manage the memory if it use Vram, Ram, both (?), it seems my Titans are a bit too old ^^.
Then, i have to find other place(s) but before i've thought to something => put a humanoid (understand here not human but monster ^^) in the scene if i'm able to do it, if so i will keep the main scene, else i will have to find other place for her sex scenes. I have few ideas, just need to confirm'em.

By the way, Zoey has won your heart, i've already started to render. I hope to finish this set for the end of the month. I think i will make a series with her if she encounter a "success".

Hardware issue:
With this scene i've seen the limit of my hardware (or Iray limits ^^), anyway the new model from Nvidia with their new GPU, done in Pascal, allow their cards to support 32G of Vram (on one card!). If this true i think most of 3D scenes could be handle al ot more easier, wait & see.

Girls & girls:
Ginger girl: since Eva 7 was released i ever wanted to have one girl with her skin but unfortunately couldn't be able to catch the right morph which will fit her skin perfectly, this quest is now over i've finally found the right after months & months of research & test.

Ebony: there's no real top notch beauty for black ladies or they very very very few, that's why i've decided to done one. Well ... yes (!!!) i admit her face morph does not really looks to an ebony beauty but anyway, 3D is lack of this kind of cutie

Projects on going:
For the lovers of my "Tattooed girl" do not worry i have already planned a set with her, i just need to confirm in which style i will put her.

I have also in mind to make a fantasy set with my Elf girls too, no plan currently for them ^^. But for sure i will be back with an Elf set.

Let me know what do you think of them, i hope you will like these new girls. As a bonus here's one render i've done from my new coming set.

Don't forget my new set has been released you can find it at the Affect3D store, see below.