Monday, May 16, 2016

Busy busy !!!

Hey there,

That's a really busy month, too much things to do: commissions, comic, Patreon, ... Better than have nothing to do you'll say, i'll be agree with you on this point!

Anyway, do not forget that my latest set has been released: Frightening Night , i'm not to afraid to say you that it's my worst sales ever ... :(
I have no idea why, maybe it has been badly introduced (?) (this is not a Witcher like, only the girl i use may have a link but that's all. She was an attempt to create a Yennefer like as she's hot as hell in the game) or maybe the girl ?  The release of the release of Virtual Lust ?
Between us i have never seen this quality in 3D animation, very very high quality, i haven't bought it as it's stuck at Android & i'm not attracted by this kind of stuff (soon as movie i know), just had a look through the trailer & over his website, that what i call skill (!!!).
Or maybe me ?

I would really appreciate any feedback of this set for the few who have bought it, do not forget that your support give us a real boost, i give you another preview of this set.

Patreon has been slowed by these "many" commissions, i hope to launch it soon. I'm currently working on an exclusive mini-set for Patreon only with Zoey, here's a preview.

Poll: someone asked me on Deviant Art why i have stop to use some of my old characters as Elfy & more. This intrigued me, i'm wondering how these characters could miss you. 2 choices, let's vote!

Why ? Simply because Genesis 2 & more Genesis 3 have so, so, so much improvements compared to V4, even G2 can't do the match with Genesis 3 (morphs corrections, etc, etc).
And to finish it 3feetwolf has done the best genitalia for Genesis2/3. What we could expect for the 4th genesis ? Included genitalia (this would be so worth) ?

Enjoy, have a good week!


  1. I haven't posted for quite a while (previously as anon and signed with RC), but figured I would give some sort of answer that may reflect only myself or others who visit your blog.

    I know you have always made your girls thin and it's been a nice attribute that distinguished your works from other artists. For me, and again this just might only reflect my opinion and others will obviously vary, but your newer selection of characters have an abdominal musculature that just seems off for me...too extreme...a middle ridgeline that just seems misplaced.I've never seen anything like it on real women so it's an attribute that just doesn't appeal to me as a viewer of your work. I've liked your older characters like Elfy, Nalah, Amy, Kelly, and while they were all thinner they also had abs that are more realistic.

    Anyway, just something that I have notice in your newer works and a reason that I, personally, have been reluctant to pursue viewing some of them. As I said this might just me my own view that is not shared by other viewers, but offering it as a possible explanation.

  2. Hey,

    Interesting point of view, with Genesis 2 & even more with Genesis 3 this part of body has been improved & give the possibility to make this part more "real". I could show you tons of photo where girls have this kind of abs.
    I'm interested to see what you mean, which ones you consider as too extreme.


    1. it seems the rectus abdominus muscles in the center are over developed and the obliques outside underdeveloped. Either that or the sheaths between the muscle groups are too wide. That's what I mean by too extreme. And I'm thinking of Victoria's Secret models as a reference for the thinner abdominal muscle example since there is a plethora of pics for them.

      Like I said before, just my view and might not be shared by a lot of people.

    2. When i've said "i'm interested to see what you mean" i meant the girls that you find too muscular ^^.

    3. I'm not saying too muscular, but somewhat disproportionate. Zoey V2 is an example of where I think you have gotten the mix close to correct, but Miyo is an example of where I think they are off, but all of your g2 and g3 models have this flaw, at least in my opinion.

      The rectus abdminus muscles are the ones that are on each side of the belly button. In Miyo they seem too pronounced and narrow. For them to appear like that I would expect to also see the lateral obliques and intercostels (obliques are the muscles that wrap around the sides and intercostels are the muscles between the ribs)

      In any case, it's just an explanation of why I personally prefer the older models because their musculature seems correctly proportionate.

    4. I see ^^, even i don't think that Miyo is disproportionate (i have done few others girls where abs were more pronounced).

      That's very interesting the interest to my older girls (1st generation).

      Honestly do not expect to see them back, Genesis 2 & even more Genesis 3 adds soooooo much improvements, it will not be reasonable for me ^^.

      Is there one (or more) from my earlier girls that you like (or more) ?

      Still a big thanks to your feedback!

    5. Any time, and I wouldn't expect you to go back to the older models, just stating an observation that I have noticed. The g2 and g3 models do have much better improvements that I've seen while working with Mave and Akizz on Lands of Kings Worth. There are large improvements on Mave's models from the old v4 to the g2 and g3 versions that he's been able to convert over.

      As for your older models, I always liked Nalah, Amy, and Kelly and like a lot of other viewers Spencer was a favorite.

  3. Anonymous5/19/2016


    Dit moi j'arrive pas à accéder à ta page Patreon, aurait-tu un lien ? Merci et bonne continuation !

    1. Hello,

      Tout à fait normal, elle n'est pas encore en activité ^^. J'essaie d'accumuler un peu d'avance question contenu et également de finir la 1ere (et pourquoi voir la 2nde) partie du set en cours.
      Ce qui n'est pas évident avec tous le travail que l'on me rajoute a coté, cela dit je ne vais pas me plaindre.

      Vous serez tous avertit en bon et du forme lorsque ma page Patreon sera officiellement ouverte.

    2. Je suis impatient pour l'ouverture officielle ^^

      Bonne continuation à toi

  4. Anonymous5/20/2016

    My favorites have been echo, nalah, and human elfy with tattoos. They seemed to be more popular because they have similar body types with very slim and smoothed stomachs and very skinny overall with nice bust sizes. They have really nice faces and their hair also helped them to look amazing. The new models aren't bad by any means, but I prefer the 3 i have listed to most others for overall skinny body types, faces, and smooth and slender stomachs, while still having defined bodies.

    1. Anonymous5/20/2016

      I also feel like this model would be very liked if you did more on her. I would certainly want to see more.

  5. Je préfère aussi les anciens modeles pas pour la qualité mais pour leur expressions faciale qui est plus naturelle. Par exemple pour Zoet lorsqu'elle souris, sont expression est plus robotique que spencer sur cet image :

    Pareil pour les proportions du corps, les anciennes sont mieux proportionnée :

    Je dois avouer que j'ai plus de mal avec les nouvelles que les anciennes, seul Zoey tire son épingle du jeu même si ses expressions faciales me gène un peu.