Monday, June 24, 2013

Nostalgic V4 Characters week 2 (1)

Second week  dedicated to old V4 characters. A quick explication why i do that: there's some old beauties that i've played (or would love to played more with) & their creators hasn't upgrade them (after all it's normal ^^) so with my little knowledge i'm able to give them a "new life" at the same time i'm able to see which are potential recruit & which are not :).

I start the 1st day of the 2nd week with Kytana made by Countess. As usual i've used her own texture, own morph. She was available at Runtimedna (she's not actually & she will not be anymore), i will probably do more with her: love her body shape, her tattoos, her face shape, simply love her :D. Enjoy!

Last thing if you want to requested a revamp of an "old" V4 characters, let me know maybe i've already got her or interested me to buy it :).


  1. Seraphim6/25/2013

    Kytana is really cute, i gotta say. Definatly like her tatoos even tho i am not into them so much. Her body and face are really stunning and i just do love her expression and hairstyle here.

    Hope to see more of her in the future.

    Oh and P.S.: Grats Elfy at becomming the frontgirl of your Blog ;)


  2. stoper7/12/2013

    She's gorgeous and the clothes are cute.
    Well done, mate.