Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Auburn beauty (2)


  1. Anonymous11/13/2013

    She looks good and especially like her breast shape in the last pic. Would like to see that shape perhaps in her other poses as well since standing they have the same shape as a lot of your other girls only bigger. Still no name for her yet? She looks like a Rachel or Robin to me.

  2. Hot looking red head. Rebecca would be a nice name too.

    1. Rebecca sounds good :), i have some fantasy ideas for her this name will fit her perfectly in every style (contemporain, fantasy, sci-fi, etc).

  3. Seraphim11/13/2013

    I really love her hairstyle and the really light colored eyes. They give a nice contrast to her rather dark hair and light tanned skin. I am not worried about her bodyshape tho, since all your girls dont lack any sexappeal in that. Would like to see more of her.

    Yours, Sera

  4. Anonymous11/13/2013

    vraiment dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de HC avec Elfy. Avec des bites de taille normal ça doit le faire

    le HC ça me semble autrement plus difficile, faut vraiment caler deux corps et que ça semble réaliste. En s'inspirant des photos de X art par exemple on trouve peut être de bonnes idées.

  5. Infernus11/13/2013

    I love this model.I think she is my favorite work by you.looking forward to seeing more of her.

  6. she 's so pretty