Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kelly's patio


Kelly needs some work to get back some of her particularity. Her right feet tattoo is back, still the neck tattoo.


  1. Origin8511/18/2013

    I'm not sure what's changed, but I don't really recognise Kelly there. Even with all her different hairstyles over time, she's always somehow still looked like herself. Here I find she's changed a bit too much, almost like she's another model.

    I'm not saying she doesn't look good or anything, just not like ol' Kelly anymore. But that could just be me I guess, old Kelly was a favourite :)

    1. Only the hair style is different :), nothing change on her head morph. Probably due to the render style between Poser & Octane, a lot different.

  2. Origin8511/18/2013

    Ah yeah. Amazing the difference there, I really thought you were introducing a new girl before I noticed the title.

    Anyway, she still looks great :) Especially that pose in #3!