Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paris's return

I'm happy to show you Paris, for those of you who like her ^^. 
Why i haven't used her so much these last months ? Very simple, i wasn't satisfy of her skin texture in Octane & i've also focused on other girls.
I've forgotten how her body shapes was so pretty!
By the way i'm currently looking for a blond girl, i haven't blond girl (!!!), hard task in my opinion, this color is very hard to fit on skins (maybe it's just me or i'm too perfectionist ?). Anyway when she will be ready (if i can one day ^^) i will show you this new beauty!
But for the moment let Paris do her show!


  1. Anonymous3/01/2014

    well you do have hadley as a blonde girl and shes hot and we haven't seen much from her. i hope we don't have paris all week. your a great artist eclesi, but honestly you've got too many characters as it is and your makin more work for yourself. it'll be hard to get through all your models.

  2. Origin853/02/2014

    All your models are top-notch, E, but you can't beat your original girls as far as I'm concerned :p Real nice to see Paris after so much time, thanks!

    ps: as mentioned Above, Hadley was a very nice blonde.

    1. Hadley ... She has a "too" young face for what i want :) but i have mixed her head morph with another one, i will let you judge it ^^.