Saturday, August 3, 2013

The human beauty

Elfy seems to be very popular, so far! So i've made a human version of her, the following renders don't show the final version of Elfy in her human version. I have to reshape her a bit, down size her (with a new tool made for Poser i'm able now to see the shapes of all of my beauties ... I admit they are very tall :D), & some other changes :).


  1. Origin858/03/2013

    She's stunning, as always :)

    ps: I don't find your models too tall, they look very elegant!

  2. Elfy looks just as beautiful as a human. Let them be tall, they all look just fine. How about a nice series with human Elfy. Great work, thanks for shaing it us.

    Beast always

  3. human or elf, elfy is eyecatcher as always

    what is the name this poser tool?

    1. Thank you :), here you go very useful tools =>