Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is she watching ?!

Hi there!

Being very busy this week, out of inspiration too, lack of idea for my comic: i wanted a specific scene for the last part but my biggest disappointment what i wanted is exclusively available for Daz 4.6. So i have to find another place.
I've done few new things on my new comic, i'm attacking the last "chapter" & currently more than 110 renders done.
It will be probably finished at the end of the month & available in June.

Btw, i'm working on a collaboration story which will feature some new girls, a fantasy story; nothing more for the moment, i will tell you more soon.
I will see how this project goes but i will probably looking for another collaboration work (2 projects at the same time, fiouu).

But, what the fuck Eve doing here ? What is she watching ?! Is she spying ? Or maybe ...

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