Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Mon journal intime": Elfy ready to go to high school


I wanted to share with you one of the render i've done today, Elfy looks so cute in these outfits ;).

Also i wanted to say thanks to all of you who has participated to the poll it gives me a better view. 
The "funny" point is, as regarding the poll Nalah is the top fav, i don't know why i have some difficulties to work with her :), i mean i like her but hard to have inspiration with her.

Btw i want to give a human name to Elfy tell me which one you would prefer for her, which one will fit her the best!

You want to request a week-end focus character ? Proceed as below:
- mail me
- give me the name of the girl you wish
- i'm totally free on the subject, nothing imposed.

Coming week-end focus:
Week-end 4 - Nalah
Week-end 5 - Elfy/Kelly
Week-end 6 - Paris
Week-end 7 - Kelly
Week-end 8 - Elfy (tattooed version)


  1. Anonymous5/01/2014

    Elfy is looking good.

    Good to see Nalah is a fave, but sorry to hear you inspiration issues with her. In my email to you a couple of weeks ago I mentioned her look was an inspiration for a story I am writing. Instead of just appearing in the ending chapters, as I mentioned, she's become a more central character. If you would like, I can email you the background of the Nalah inspired character and a rough draft excerpt from a future chapter that shows the gap forming between her and the main character. Let me know. :-)


  2. Anonymous5/01/2014

    Nice render !
    Regarding a name, what about Lara ?

  3. What about liara as a name suggestion or Miranda?

  4. Anonymous5/05/2014

    Sad... only one Hot render of Elfy in Highschool. Hope they'll be more? Horizontal I hope

  5. Now the question is, is high school ready for Elfy???