Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week-end - Character focus 5: Elfy & Kelly


 Week 5 of the character focus, this time showing Elfy & Kelly as naughty school girl :), enjoy!

Project continues to advance, slower this week encounter some trouble with a scene in particular, currently there's approximately 50% done. I still have to finish the 1st part then probably postwork, layout the story & write on it.

You want to request a week-end focus character ? Proceed as below:
- mail me
- give me the name of the girl you wish
- i'm totally free on the subject, nothing imposed.
Coming week-end focus:
Week-end 4 - Nalah
Week-end 5 - Elfy/Kelly
Week-end 6 - Paris
Week-end 7 - Kelly
Week-end 8 - Elfy (tattooed version)


  1. Outstanding work my friend. Both beauties are looking so sensual.

  2. Both ladies are beautiful but Elfy is always just a bite more so.
    Speaking of Elfy, since I do not see any ear points sticking out,
    is that the image of Elfy or Eve? Either way she is the Best of
    all your ladies. Looking forward to the project being complete so
    I can buy it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous5/14/2014

    Spencer dressed for a night out (club dress?) or a picnic (flirty sundress) would be great.