Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer heat!

Hey there,

Yes i'm still alive :)! I just need a good break before to start my works again.
By the way i have 2 news for all of you, one is bad & one is good:
The bad one: as you know i've prepared a very huge set it was almost finish but finally i've decided to delete all renders done (~ 200 images) i wasn't satisfy enough of the final render ...
The good news is i'm already preparing a little (~ 50 images) which will feature again Elfy, i should say Eve ^^, in her summer holiday.

Summer heat (preview)

I have also add few changes on Kelly (add new tatts) & Echo i've reshaped her: smaller give her a bit more flesh & i was looking for a Lara Croft like but definitely i'm not good the result wasn't what i've expected, that's not say she's not good. As you see she had dark eyes & finally green eyes, she kept more the attention like this i think. Hope you will like her ^^.



  1. Anonymous7/27/2014

    Well, I love that Echo is getting some attention again. Are you saying the girl beneath the new images is a new character or is that your new model for Echo?

    1. She's a new model :).

    2. Anonymous7/28/2014

      Whew! She is your girl but I am glad you didn't change her look. I like the changes, especially putting a little more definition into the character. ^w^ Welcome back! :D

  2. Oh that sounds not good in my ears. 200 renders deleted? Aren't you a bit too critical to yourself? 200 renders took a lot of time for finishing. Hope you will be more happy and successfull with your new set. I'm very excited and hope we can see it in a couple of weeks.

    Bye the way ... Eve looks fantastic in her Summer Heat set. Your Lara version looks also fantastic and Kelly .... wow ... very sensual. It is only a bit sorry that your pics are too dark. Would like to see her pics with much more light.

  3. Origin857/29/2014

    Welcome back, E!

    Mmm, Kelly's looking great.

    Some very good looking new stuff there, can't wait for that summer heat set. Shame about the 200 deleted renders, I for one would have loved to see them ;p

    Anyway, I hope you have more luck with your new set.