Monday, September 1, 2014

What's next ?

Hello there,

Poll is closed, both girls was very closed seems the choice has been hard but results are results (but i still plan a little surprise for thise set). 
I wanted, also, to say a special thanks for those of you who's voted for the 3rd choice, means a lot for me & i'm gladly surprised to see that for some of you "whatever the girl i love it" !
So thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!
Btw go back to work ^^, "Summer heat" is finished release planned for the end of September (20th if  everything is alright), what's next ?!
Good question here's my schedule for the next months:

September: Summer heat released
October-November: The Photoshoot, featuring a, not really, new girl (see below ^^).
December: For the 1st time (only 1 year as a vendor i know :D) i would like to made a christmas set, as for "Summer Break" i will let you choose the girl. I will start today a poll which could be in 2 parts, depends of the result.

For the year 2015 Summer Break is currently the only one planned, i don't know exactly when i will released this one (before the summer it's sure!).

For the "Photoshoot" set i don't know if i will arrive to meet the deadlines as i would love to do my Christmas set ^^.

That's all for the moment, i leave you with 2 renders ;).


  1. Anonymous9/02/2014

    Kelly with the car is so beautiful and sensuous! More like this please!

  2. Anonymous9/03/2014

    That pic with Kelly and the car I would say is your best piece yet. Sure...we come here to see the girls get naughty and sometimes some hardcore fucking *cough* Nalah *cough* reverse cowgirl maybe *cough*...but pics like this of Kelly truly highlight your talent and definitely worthy of any artists portfolio...well done.

  3. Origin859/06/2014

    Have to agree with some of the comments above, that pic with Kelly next to the car is spot on! Particularly like her outfit, wouldn't mind seeing her gradually slip out of it either at some point :)

    One of my favourite Kelly pics for sure!