Saturday, May 4, 2013

100k reached

Hello there, finally reached the 100k page views, thanks to all of you who follow me ;).

Back on business, some renders with the new doll from Silver: Iris, & a little set with her, more coming these days ...


  1. Yup... she looks fabulous, great work , can't wait to see how she looks naked xD
    Any possibility to see her naked + stockings (or maybe bra+stockings rest naked) :3

    Take care and great job!

    Ps. Gratz about your 100k+ page views

  2. Nosebleed... Iris looks so hot in those black jeans with those heels and her black hair... A perfect set would be her in nothing but those jeans and heels slowly unzipping her pants and then, after a sexy striptease, finger herself.
    Great job on this render, keep up the amazing work.

    Congratulations on the 100,000+ pageviews. Its not been a very long time and you have attracted quite an audience.

  3. Anonymous5/05/2013


    REALLY Like that last one in the little skirt, even if she isn't showing us any of her "goodies". Hope thats soon to follow?


  4. Anonymous5/05/2013

    Oops, where's my manners, tsk tsk. I just commented but forgot to say: Congratulations on reaching 100k+ !!

    I pm'd you in hopes of being one of the lucky three

    Just me, ...Summer

  5. Welcome to the show Iris, You are looking very beautiful. Excellent character my friend.