Thursday, November 12, 2015

Journal entry 01

Elfy's Reborn

Sunday evening: I've decided to reborn my most popular girl: Elfy.
Hard task, as i have already made some "try" & wasn't really satisfy of her overall look.
The main problem was especially located on her lips morph, basic G2 dials morph didn't helped me to get what i wanted.
So how to do to get her back (or the most closer of her V4 morph) ? Playing with morph dials, again & again !
By chance in few hours i've finally get a satisfying morph. Now Elfy is a mix between her main morph & few G2 chars.
I'm wondering about her body shape, should i rework it a bit ?

Iray settings

Iray skins texture was done the week before so i just have to copy/paste then render her, btw i will put here my iray settings used for my V4 textures: body part, lips, mouth.
NEVER FORGET even you used the settings you will need to adjust it more or less, all will depend of the skin texture used. Few products & tricks will be also needed, we will talk about it later.

Eyes i'm using Genesis 2 characters who's already mapped for Iray, Kelly & Elfy are using Addy's Valerie's eyes textures available @ Daz:

Iray or Octane ?

Hard to say, well not necessarily. More i use Iray, more i want to stop Octane. I think to give you a good response of how Iray/Octane are will be to build the same complex scene, render then compare who are the faster, who gives the "best result" ? 
Something that i will try to do this week & give you my feedback.

A new girl

I'm really "proud" to say that i have finally a blonde girl style. First thanks to the creators to give us such amazing skins, the one i'm talking about has been released this week & perfectly fit the blonde style.
My main problem is each time i've found & tried to make a blonde girl style this one was a lot better with dark hair, probably my own taste who are most attracted by dark or red haired girl.
With this one i've finally found my perfect blonde girl, who's named Blake, here's some pics of her.

Comic project:

I'm running on 4-5 projects at a time, clearly too much ^^. I'm thinking also to do again all of my "old" current project done in Octane, in Iray.

Statement of my project:

- Scifi (huge set): most of the scenes are ready to render, characters have to be redone, script is still on writing, general line done.

- Scifi (2): i've shown you few preview of this set a bit earlier, ~45 pics done (probably remove some as they are not ... enough satisfying).

- Scifi (3): maybe you remember i was working on an Asari set. This one is currently freeze, probably a rework in Iray. ~20 pics done.

- Fantasy: I think to completely rework this one, maybe with Elfy or a new Elf girl.

- Contemporary: Featuring my skater girl this set is well advanced, ~ 20 pics. Maxine was my 1st G2 girl reworked for Iray, i think to make this set again in Iray.

- Affect3D's Christmas project:
I've currently freeze my last set to focus on the Christmas set for Affect3D.
I would be tempt to use Elfy again as i really love her "new" morph, i know that she's the one i've used for my paid set & maybe you would like to see some "fresh meat". 
I'm currently hesitating to use for this set Yennefer or my latest one Blake ...

Thanks for reading, vote & enjoy.


  1. Anonymous11/21/2015

    The first look of ElfyReborn is awesome

    she is now so hot and i love she so much