Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's your thought ?

Well, been a while that i haven't post something here. Not that i don't want, i just didn't have, or find, the time.
I was firstly working on a girl, you maybe seen her on DA "Whisky&I", more recently on a second & it's for her this thread as the first one i'm sure you like her, i would like your feedback.
I think also to do a weekly comic, which will featured these 2 girls & Yennefer. I still have to clarify the situation with my current writer & if the event "forced" me to find another one i will do it for this part. I will give you more information sooner.



  1. Anonymous12/02/2015

    Nice, very, very nice....

  2. Love the feet, a whiter girl version would be cool