Thursday, December 31, 2015

New year is coming!

Hey there! So, still few hours before celebrated 2016 & say good bye to 2015. What i could hope ... Health for all of us, the most important. For me ^^ ? Tons & tons of pictures, more followers, more & more !

2015 was a chaotic year, not only for me, the year start with an attack in Paris against the Newspaper "Charlie" & few other attacks following the 1st one.
Google announced in March that they decided to close Blogger for adult content & then back their mind to finally lets adult stuff on most of their blogs.
Then for me follows a disenchantment of my Blog & my future on it, i've forsaken my blog lost some of my followers :( ...
Btw now i'm back, with probably in the near future a second site where i could put my paying stuff, this will be a paying access indeed.
To finish the year a second wave of attack again in Paris with more than 130 death ...
2015 wasn't a really good year so ...

(ofc France was not the lone country to be touched by this kind of attack, i relate only things who touching me "directly")

What's now for 2016 ? I have to finish my sci-fi set started in October, after that focus on another project i have in mind with most popular G3 girls Yennefer.
Here are some sample:

 To finish here's a small present of Yennefer, who's ready for the next year ;).

Enjoy, i wish you all the best!


  1. (ノ^_^)ノ Happy New Year eclesi4stik!! I wish you a lot of luck for you and of course a lot of luck for your future projects

  2. Happy new year my friend. We hope 2016 will be better for all of us.