Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Patreon almost there


A lots of things to say since the last post:
1st i'm currently working with a writer on a new comic set, currently only WIP stage, we have to build scenes (already started), created main actors, secondary actors, etc. WIP project name => Cybernetix, the scene take place in a universe similar to Deus Ex, if you know the game. I have already done the main hero/heroin & set the base of the vilain, here's WIP pics.

For those who have played the game, yes the vilain was inspired by the last cybernetic boss (before the last fight against the A.I) & unvoluntary the hero looks like to Jensen. Anyway it's in a good way, in hope to release some new pics soon.

2nd thing is about Patreon, i've made some changes
- At the beginning only 1 reward will be open:
     - 5$: 5-15 patreon pics

Why these changes ? One fact is most of my new set are really "huge", my 2 last sets was about between 120-150 images & the upcoming one is around 80 pics.
I don't practice the exercise to limit all of my set at 50 pics not more, not less.

I'm not sure to handle every month 50-60 pics + comic project, so we are talking about of something more like 100 pics each month ... Really too much for me, as i like to spend few of my free time on something else of 3D.
Every 2-3 months that will be more easily on my side to finish a new set but in this case it will be unfair for you.
Each image takes me around 1-2h, this will let you imagine how much time i spend.
I will probably open higher reward(s), as they will include commission picture.


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