Sunday, May 12, 2013

Event: the 3 free comms

Hello there, finally here's the free commissions win by the 3 winners for the special event "100k pageviews reached", enjoy.


  1. Love those pictures ,but the 3rd one is the best. Maybe coz i'm a huge fan of nearly/fully naked ladies :P
    Anyway great job !

  2. Anonymous5/12/2013

    All three are Outstanding!! usual. I'm a little partial to the middle one, Love Kaylee and the school girl theme. But Also Really, REALLY Love the third one too!!

    Gorgeous work!!


  3. All three imgaes are really excellent. I think it took much time for creating them. I like the third one also mostly. Kaylee looks so hot and sensual in that outfit and set. Once a gain many many thanks for creating it. You made me very happy with that.

  4. Wow, I must say, these are great! I quite like the 3rd, but the reason is pretty obvious... Awesome work!