Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Elfy: Temple (2)


  1. Seraphim5/23/2013

    Elfy making my day again. She`s just so beautiful and sensual without beeing the slightest bit slutty.
    Always happy to see more of her.

    I need to say tho you do have a quality gasp between your "normal" girls and Elfy. It just seems she`s a bit over the top and i am not referring to looks. I am more talking about your craftsmanship. Her face and expression is a bit better, her body moves a bit more smoothly (at least thats the idea you get from the pictures) and her overall impression seems a bit more advanced.

    Anyways, lots of talk, awesome work. So keep it up!


  2. I like all your girls, but the elves in particular are fantastic!

    Looking forward to more!