Monday, August 12, 2013

Elfy: some random things

Got too much renders pending,i'm rendering more than i post so i'll post some renders that i've done with Elfy. By the way i'm happy to see, finally, elfy's human being appreciated more & more. I will rename her Human version (Elfy for a modern girl doesn't really fit :p).

In this row you will see 3 renders before i've made change on Elfy & testing at the same time the IDL in Poser with her, looks pretty good.

IDL test + Elfy before change

Elfy, outdoor settings

Elfy, at interior swim


  1. Origin858/12/2013

    I think you have something amazing going in all 3 of these human 'variants' of Elfy. Each are beautiful in their own right.

    My favourite is still the one from 'Human Beauty' (perhaps even more than original Elfy), but that's just my personal preference. 'Bad Girl' Elfy and 'Tomboy' Elfy are gorgeous beyond belief as well.

    Thanks for sharing these, it's a real privilege having this kind of quality on a daily basis and completely for free!

  2. Seraphim8/12/2013

    I would like to see the blonde version of Elfy with straight hair. I dont prefer these tied up styles that much. She kinda looks like she just came out of the shower and didnt had time to get dressed yet ^^

    Even tho i gotta agree with Origin. I like the "human beauty" variant of Elfy the most. Even tho i definatly prefer original Elfy over all of them.

    Still its very interesting too see how you can make one and the same person look that different. They all are sexy and really nice to look at. There is no question about that.

    I guess its all about personal reference here. So do what you seem fit and i think alot of folks will still enjoy your work as much as they already do.