Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kaylee V2

The month of version 2 ? Must believe that yes. 
Why change her ? Simple with my new girls i thought she was outdated in some way, so i've done several changes & the main part was her head morph, i've kept her original head morph but i've mixed it with another one. The second part is about her shapes shins, thights & still currently on working her breast size/shape ... I'm wondering if i should reduce, leave them as they are or maybe increase them ? & Maybe some tattoos (not too much but i think to one of her arms) ... That's a question, still have some test to find the perfect alchemy.
Stop talking & here she is, beautiful as ever, a feminine & mature beauty!


  1. Anonymous2/23/2014

    As most of your girls have medium to large breasts, smaller ones would be a change of pace.
    I know you like tats, but I don't - but you are the one who, in the end, must be pleased with the render, not me. If they are excessive, I can always look elsewhere.
    Piercings, especially lip, nipple and labial will definitely drive me away.

    1. Anonymous2/23/2014

      nice taste. i would have sed the same tjing dude. i gotta say its good to see an updated version of kaylee. she reminds me of tori black but hotter

  2. Your second version of Kaylee looks ok to me but why don't you try to change also her leg and hip shapes a bit more. Would love Kaylee more with more curves at her hips, back and legs and without breast gravity. She has a perfect face and outstanding hairs. This is only my opinion and you have to be happy with your renders, but perhaps you keep that in your head my friend. Please keep on working with Kaylee and perhaps you have some great ideas for a new serie set with her. :-p

  3. Fantastic E.... I like the new Ver. 2 kaylee better. I love her total body and face ... the only change would smaller breast. That is only because I'm a big fan of small breasts. Piercings and tats are good with me ... so tat & pierce away. lol

    Thank you for sharing your great Art!

  4. I vote for a smaller breasts, as well. A good variety is always a plus, I think.

    I am okay with tattoos, though I am not much for an excessive amount or mixed with piercings.

  5. Anonymous2/25/2014

    i love kaylee, one of the first eclesi models i ever saw

  6. Ver. 2 is so much hotter, her face is beautiful. However I like the size of her breasts. Most of your other girls have smaller breasts so it's nice to have one with this size. Tattoos and nipple piercings would be pretty hot too.

  7. Anonymous3/08/2014

    I Love, LOVE Kaylee. Your Absolute Best & Hottest Girl. The BEST was the Lara Croft renders. Wish you'd do more of those. Especially like the Horizontal pics so I can use a few in my wallpaper rotation.

    Would Love to see her in schoolgirl outfits and naughty school teacher outfits as well as more Lara Croft series - horizontal's of course :)

    As far as changing her? This version is Hot, ...BUT I loved the Original version Much, Much Better. I Much preferred her 'old' face / head. Please don't mess with perfection. I think her Boobs size is perfect. Too large and they would look odd. Please Don't decrease them!! I Love that She DOESN'T have tattoos. Many of your girls have tattoos so you must like them, But lets keep Kaylee innocent looking and without tattoos. I Really hope you keep her clean and tattoo free.

    I Love Kaylee. I hope we'll soon much more of her. - Virtually unchanged.