Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 1 - Focus on: "unique girl"

There's 1 year (already!) i opened my own site, you were few at the beginning to followed me & fast enough i've reached a good pageview per day result.
Taking more skill, finding the right girls the site continued to grow.
My 1st commercial try in August was pretty satisfied the 2nd one worse than the 1st.
A year with a plenty of new things for you & for me.
The site continue to grow & i have some big big projects to start to work on seriously.
I hope you will continue to be more & more, continue to appreciate my work.

By the way, for this year i've decided to change some things & the 1st impact is:
from now i change my posting system, each week i will focus on one or more girls. In the case of the "more girls" each post will contain each girls used previously.
Week-end will be free of use (not necessarily the girl used in the week).
There will be, also, only 1 thread per week, maybe 1-2 more for the week-end if i post something.

So stay tuned! Comment! & be more ^^.

1st week is dedicated to my new girl, net yet named (!!!) (i have to find a name at the end of this week, i'm still hesitating which your suggestions & some in my head).



  1. She could be a sister of Kaylee. She looks really great. As mentioned before, Lee-Ann could be a name for her, or Tanya perhaps. Would be very kind of you, if you render also new pics with Kaylee. She is my absolute favorite girl. Many many thanks for so excellent renders.

  2. Fantastic new girl E. She reminds of Glenda, the good witch of the North in the wizard of Oz. I would love to see her get together with Elfy for quite evening of hot fun.
    Thank so much for your endless effort in bring us your find Art.

  3. Origin852/06/2014

    She does look a bit like a Tanya I have to say. But I'm sure you already secretly have a name for her!

    This week-long focus is a nice idea. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a Paris/Kelly duo focus week *hint hint nudge nudge* :p

    Either way, thanks for your continued efforts and top notch work. And congrats on the milestone :)

    1. I don't like Tanya :) & no currently no idea how i will call her, i have some in mind that's all ^^.

      Thanks so much!

  4. Anonymous2/07/2014

    The new girl looks great and I like the new format. Maybe for her name something like Megan or Tatiana.

  5. Anonymous2/08/2014

    Nice Work is she going to be in your new set ?

    1. Nothing clear currently, i thought to stage more girls & not focus on only one girl.
      Also i'll try to build a story with dialog, i have already 2 ideas sci-fi with my Twi'lek & more girl, a fantasy one with Evelyn & Elfy as main characters.

  6. did you get a name for her?

    1. I had one but she's from the old base i've used (V4). I've stopped to use all models from V4, i focus Genesis 2/3 now